12 Days of Disney Christmas Giveaway




We, along with over 60 other Disney blogs and Facebook pages are giving away over $1000.00 in prizes, and you can find them all here in this photo album.

Which one do you hope you win? Join in the Christmas fun with this super magical giveaway! Starts Dec. 1st with 14 different winners and over $1000 in prizes.

Check back here on December 1st to see how you can enter.

1468585_562056637196551_93268251_n 1472098_562056543863227_2070809924_n 1474594_562056560529892_1891615153_n 559788_562056830529865_2080383010_n 1483277_562056783863203_1898862536_n 1455086_562056613863220_1308501733_n-1 1461681_562056713863210_962055421_n 1476184_562056780529870_1629470256_n 1422351_562056557196559_1312769411_n 1453517_562056777196537_420303485_n 1450298_562056727196542_1422650930_n 1468665_562056720529876_1833071743_n 1458649_562056607196554_147743269_n 1470178_562056497196565_2106888071_n



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