Saving Money Flying to Disney

Disney offers many perks for guests staying on site. One of my favorites is pulling all checked luggage from the carousels at the airport and delivering it directly to my resort room for FREE! In order to take advantage of this perk you must check your bags at the airport prior to departure and use the yellow Magical Express luggage tags that are provided with your Disney travel documents.


Most airlines now charge at least $25 per checked bag. With a family of four this would add an additional cost of $100 per leg of our trip. So families have to make the choice of additional fees and the luxury of hopping on Disney’s Magical Express with no bags or lugging bags through the Orlando airport. Here’s a tip for how I try to save money and enjoy this perk at the same time.

Disney makes doing laundry easy while on vacation so I never feel like I have to take an entire week’s worth of clothes. There is at least one pool afternoon.  With laundry facilities located nearby, I can lounge and relax with a frozen drink in hand. Boy, I wish laundry at home could be this fun. With less to pack, now each member of the family can pack all their belongings into one carry-on size bag.

Most flights to Orlando are full to capacity with excited families headed to Disney. With full airplanes, overhead baggage storage space is at a premium. Many airlines will gate check your carryon baggage for FREE! At all other airports you would be required to pick up you luggage at the baggage carousel. But not in Orlando. Disney will happily pick up this luggage and deliver it directly to your resort. Enabling you to walk off the plane and head to Disney’s Magical Express for transportation. All you need to do is attach the yellow luggage tags provided in your travel vouchers. Disney pulls all luggage on the carousel with the tags and will route them to the appropriate resort for delivery. Forgot to bring your tags. No worries when you check into Disney’s Magical Express, hand the Castmember your baggage claim tickets and they will take care of it for you.

On our most recent trip I saved our family $225 in baggage fees! Which gave us more money to spend inside the parks.


One response to “Saving Money Flying to Disney

  1. Is there any better day than when you receive those yellow tags in the mail? OK, OK, maybe when you can finally put them on your luggage!

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