Rainy Day at Disney


Springtime and Summer at WDW often means…Rain. But a rainy day in Disney is better than no day at Disney.

Don’t let the lack of sunshine discourage you. Grab your rain coat/poncho and slip on a pair of sandals or crocs and go to a theme park! The rain will keep the crowd levels down. Most guests will not brave the rain, so you may find shorter queues for your favorite attractions! Many of Disney’s attractions in the park are located indoors and/or have covered queues out of the hot Florida sun. But that also works to your advantage during a rain storm.

For those quick afternoon thunderstorms have an early dinner, shop at The Emporium or take in a show. Our family seems to always enter the Carousel of Progress during a storm and exit to the sunshine. Other great show attractions include the Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, American Adventure, the Festival of the Lion King, and Finding Nemo. Kilimanjaro Safari in the Animal Kingdom is a must see in the rain. The animals are more active with the cooling effect of the rain.

Carousel of Progress - 04 - Entrance

Make sure your day bag has a poncho or lightweight rain jacket. I always purchase a few at the dollar store at home. I’ve even been known to wear them on a sunny day riding Kali River Rapids.

If you decide that touring a theme park in the rain is not for you then check out these activities.

Downtown Disney has many rainy day options. You can shop, shop and shop. Even window shopping here is fun. Go see a movie at the AMC Theatre. Bowl a few games at Splitsville. Or visit Disney Quest for your video game addiction. But be ready for the crowds. This is where most people head during an all day rain event.


Can’t seem to fit a Deluxe resort into the family budget? Why not take this time to visit one. Eat lunch at a resort and check out the merchandise offered at the gift shop. Each gift shop offers slightly different items. Some with merchandise that is unique to the resort. Many of them even run free giveaway specials only found at that location. One of my favorite resorts to visit is the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The lobby of this resort showcases many African artifacts. The Lodge is home to the second largest hotel collection of artwork in the world. Many of the pieces can be seen in the lobby scattered among the seating area.  Another great place to start is on the monorail. Use Disney transportation to visit the Magic Kingdom resort hotels located on the monorail loop.

Polynesian - Monorail at Station

Whatever choice you make, relax, have fun and make the most of your rainy day. You’re on vacation at Disney World, and even a rainy day at Disney is better than a work day at home…right?!


One response to “Rainy Day at Disney

  1. Great ideas! One thing we like to do in the Magic Kingdom is to head to Pirates of the Caribbean when it rains! After exiting the ride, most people hang out in the store that the ride empties out into. But, there is just a simple chain separating the entrance and the store. We just simply hop the chain, and get back in line and ride again! With the rain outside, there are not a lot of people moving towards the entrance in the rain, so it usually makes the line really short, and it is a ride where the line is almost entirely under shelter, just in case it is a bit of a wait! And when we get off again, and it is still raining, we just hop the chain again. An easy way to get a good “fix” of one of our favorite rides!

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