Foodie Friday – Thanksgiving 365 Days a Year

Are you looking forward to that Turkey Dinner with all the fixings?  Disney offers this meal 365 days a year at Liberty Tree Tavern. Walking into the Tavern you are immediately transported to colonial times. There is a huge cooking fireplace similar to the ones found in Colonial Williamsburg. Disney Imagineers have not missed detailing any of these rooms. Each dining room represents a different important figure in U.S. Colonial history. Here you can dine in the George Washington room, the John Paul Jones Room, the Betsy Ross room, the Paul Revere room, or my favorite, the Thomas Jefferson room. Take some time to look at the antiques and decor on the walls.  Quiz the kids on colonial history while waiting to be served.

It is a shame that they no longer offer a Character Meal at this resturant. Seeing Mickey and Minnie dressed in their patriotic finery was always a treat for our family. Liberty Tree Tavern is located in Liberty Square inside the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. Although reservations are always encouraged the staff will place at placard outside if there is availability for immediate seatings. Dinner are served family style with platters that can be re-filled with your family’s favorite comfort food. Lunch may be ordered a-la-carte.  The Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is always a must!


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