Tip Time Tuesday – Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Doors

Have you ever walked down a resort or cruise ship corridor and found it difficult to find your room?  Do you feel like you need Captain Sparrow’s magic compass just to find your way?  I soon realized that decorating your resort or stateroom door is a Disney tradition and one that I would not forget next time. Disney prohibits the use of tape on any hotel or stateroom door. Many Disney hotel rooms and all the cruise line staterooms have metal doors, which make perfect backdrops for personalized magnets. Purchase magnet sheets (available for ink jet printers) from your local office supply store and print out your artwork (search the internet for templates and ideas, just be careful not to include information that is too revealing). Cut out a pair of Mickey Ears from black paper (search the web, there are several sites that have templates just for cruise door decorations). Place the Mickey Ears on top of your circular stateroom number. The round stateroom number on your door is perfect for attaching a pair of Mickey Ears. You can even have the kids decorate foam sheets and add magnets on the backside. Once you’re in your hotel or stateroom, just step out and decorate the door!  You will see doors decorated for birthdays, reunions, and honeymoons.  Decorating Disney doors are a tradition for some families.  On your next trip why not start a new tradition with yours.

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Photo by The Dixie Pixie


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