Disney Cruise Line Navigator

Disney Cruise Line: Personal Navigator

Did you know that Disney Cruise Lines publishes a nightly newsletter?  It is called the Personal Navigator. This personalized newsletter is delivered to your stateroom each night during your turn down service. The Navigator is filled with important information, including the ship’s daily schedule.  This publication will outline all of the ship’s activities, including shore excursions for the next day.  It will also show you tomorrow’s theme and restaurant hours. Take some time to read it and see what activities the cruise director will be offering.  Disney offers hundreds of activities for you and your family through out your cruise and many of these activities will overlap. The Navigator will show highlights for Family Activity, Adult Activity and Youth Activity.  It will list the day’s movies and entertainment in the lounges.  Want to know where Stitch will be appearing that day?  You can see which Disney characters will have Meet and Greets in the Character Appearances section of the Navigator. In one section of the Navigator there is a grid showing the entire day’s activities. If you are on a sailing that has Days At Sea, this is a great time to check out the ship board activities.

Many previous Disney Cruise guests post copies of the Navigator on-line.  Search the Internet and take a quick look before you sail to get an idea of what the ship might offer while on board.

Here is a great tip – Give each family member a different color highlighter.  Ask each of them to review the Navigator and mark which activities sound interesting to them.



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