Tasting the World – Epcot Style

My family has always enjoyed eating at Epcot. With 11 countries to choose from and over 25 restaurants you can find many tasty options.

Epcot allows guests the opportunity to see the world (or at least 11 countries) in a day.  My family always enjoys visiting each pavilion and learning about the customs of other cultures.  With over 25 restaurants you can broaden your kid’s palate by sampling a variety of international cuisines.  The World Showcase traveler only needs to wear a pair of decent walking shoes to travel the 1.1 miles around the lagoon, while encountering authentic restaurants representing the flavors of Morocco, Mexico, Norway, China, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  Executive Chef for Epcot, Jens Dahlmann puts it best.

“Authenticity and tradition were two key words when we embarked on the search and planning for our restaurants.  Our goal is to stall each World Showcase restaurant with people form the country represented, so when you’re in Germany’s Biergarten, for instance , you hostess will greet you and take your order as if you’re in Hamburg or Munich”.

One of our favorite family activities while at Epcot is tasting different sweets and desserts the World Showcase offers.  A list of our family favorites include:

France – Chocolate Crepes

Germany – Salted Caramel from Karamell-Küche

Norway – School Bread

Morocco – Baklava

Canada – Maple Crème Brule

USA – Funnel Cakes

Japan – Shaved Ice

United Kingdom – Sticky Toffee Pudding

China – Caramel Ginger Ice Cream

Italy – Gelato

Mexico – Churros


5 responses to “Tasting the World – Epcot Style

  1. It’s funny how important food is when we are on vacation! Thanks for highlighting some of the different options for us. I am a huge fan of chocolate so I see myself spending some time in France. Then again, who can pass up good gelato?

  2. I love the caramel treats at Karamell-Kuche! We usually stock up on Werther’s goodies to bring home with us too. I need to try some of these treats you mention – like the baklava! Thanks for linking up.

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